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What is tally ?

Tally is an accounting software which is used to generate every type of accounting
Taxation and Payroll management ,inventory management ,calculating GST and etc  

For what ERP stands for ?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource designing. Tally is system with exemplary accounting 
options. except this, it additionally has different business options that associate organization 
needs. But, it’s potency over accounting is unbelievable that is that the core reason for its 
quality as associate accounting computer code. it's additionally appropriate for businesses 
that are simply beginning out.

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Tally training in Chandigarh

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Tally ERP9

Tally ERP9

CBitss Technologies offers an inclusive Tally ERP 9 training in chandigarh. The extensive practical training provided by Tally  training institute in Chandigarh equips live projects and simulations. Such detailed Tally ERP 9 course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. The trainers at CBitss technologies are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Tally ERP 9 course in Chandigarh. Participants completing the Tally ERP 9 certification have plethora of job opportunities in the industry.

  • Further, we have kept the Tally ERP 9 course in delhi duration flexible. From online classroom to fast-track & one-to-one classroom Tally ERP 9 training is provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees. Our modern lab is equipped with latest technologies helping students avail a successful Tally ERP 9 training and certification from the institute.

CBitss Technologies, recognized among the top five Tally training institute in Chandigarh,

It has training module for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Whether you are a college student, I.T professional or a project manager; the best Tally ERP 9 training institute in Chandigarh offers best training environment, veteran Tally ERP 9 trainers, and flexible training schedules for entire modules. Also, the best training institute for Tally ERP 9 training in Chandigarh asks for a value to money fee from the students. The pocket-friendly Tally ERP 9 course fee structure can be afford by students coming from all walks of life.

After Tally ERP9 course in Chandigarh,

  • Learning the interview skills indeed becomes mandatory. Along with Tally ERP 9 classes in Chandigarh, we have sessions for personality development, spoken English, and presentation. At our Tally ERP 9 training centre in Chandigarh, Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the technology-driven branded companies hand-pick our students. Tally ERP 9 training in Chandigarh with placement assistance is the key feature which rated us 'star five' in the reviews by our students. Reviews and honest feedback is mentioned on our official website. CBitss Technologies is one of the best Tally training institute in Chandigarh delivering out-of-box thinking professionals to the industry.

  • CBitss technologies has a modern lab equipped with latest devices that facilitate participants in having a thorough hands-on experience through live projects. Such training in Chandigarh boost the confidence level in participants to face the real-time challenges successfully in a job. The Tally ERP 9 syllabus includes for Tally ERP 9 course module on real time projects along with placement assistance. Tally ERP 9 topics covered are Introduction to Tally ERP 9, Tally ERP 9 Architecture, Type of Accounts, Accounting Principle, Accounting Features, Creating Single, Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Income and Party Ledger & Many more accounting courses in Chandigarh.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Market Entry Decisions : Tally Training in Chandigarh

Market Entry Decisions with Tally Training in Chandigarh

tally training in Chandigarh

Today, We will discuss about Market entry decisions that what the problems could occur when entrepreneur started new business with tally training in Chandigarh.

The potential problem for the service firm could occur when it do not provide any goods that consumers can see and create a perception of. Perhaps it makes it more complicated for service companies to enter a foreign market since they only has their intangible assets to work with in order to create competitive advantages. The lack of a product could be of issue for any service firm to decide which entry modes to use while enter a foreign market. There are several different entry modes companies can choose between when they are entering a foreign market. There are several more steps with which entrepreneur can start their business. All the different modes could be divided into three groups which are; export entry modes, contractual entry modes and investment entry modes. These modes are important which we thoroughly discuss with the help of tally training in Chandigarh.  

The different entry modes are as follows :

Market Entry decisions Modes :

  1. Exporting
  2. Licensing
  3. Joint Ventures
  4. Wholly-owned Subsidiary
  5. Acquisition
  6. Turnkey projects
  7. Franchising
  8. Strategic Alliances
  9. Merger
  10. Piggybacking

Exporting : Exporting represent the least commitment on the part of the firm entering a foreign market. Many companies follows for at least some of their markets for  Exporting to a foreign market. Since, many countries do not offer a large enough opportunity to justify local production, exporting allows a company to centrally manufacture its products for several markets and therefore to obtain economies of scale.

Forms of Exporting : These are some forms of Exporting which we will discuss in our next blog with tally training in Chandigarh .

  1. Indirect Exporting
  2. Direct exporting
Tally Training in Chandigarh sector 34

2. Turnkey Projects : Turnkey Projects or contracts are common in international business in the supply, erection and commissioning of plants, as in the case of oil refineries, steel mills, cement and fertilizer plants, etc.; Construction projects as well as franchising agreements.

3. Licensing : Under a licensing agreement, a company (The licensor ) grants rights to intangible property to another company. ( The licensee ) for a specified period; in exchange, the licensee ordinarily pays a royalty to the licensor. The rights may be exclusive ( monopoly within a given territory ) or nonexclusive.

4. Franchising : In Franchising, the franchisor ( Licensor ) expands a  business by permitting  the franchise ( licensee) to employ the parent company’s trademark or service mark in a contractually specified manner for the right to market goods and services.

5. Joint Ventures : A joint ventures ia any kind of cooperative arrangement between two or more independent companies which leads to the establishment of a third entity organisationally separate from the “ parent” companies.

6. Strategic Alliance : whilst all market entry methods essentially involve alliances of some kind, during the 1980s the term strategic alliance started to be used, without being precisely defined, to cover a variety of contractual arrangements which are intended to be strategically beneficial to both parties but cannot be defined as clearly as licensing or joint ventures.

Above Mentioned entry decisions are discussed are very assist-able for tally training in Chandigarh in giving their student proper knowledge regarding the concepts and criteria.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Payroll technique with tally training in Chandigarh.

Payroll :- Illustrating on Payroll technique of tally training in Chandigarh.

Tally ERP9’s Payroll is fully integrated with accounting to provide users the benefits of simplified payroll processing and accounting. Payroll enables users to set up, implemented and process payroll with simple to complex criteria, as per the organization requirements. The per-defined processes available in Tally ERP9 helps in automating payroll processing without any errors.Students who are willing to grow their career in accounting field can join Tally Training in Chandigarh.

Tally Training in Chandigarh









Features of Payroll:

Following are the some features of payroll which we are going to learn with tally training in Chandigarh.

The key features of the payroll ( Tally.ERP 9) are as follows:

  • It is fully integrated with accounts to give the benefits of simplify payroll processing and accounting
  • It has user-defined classifications and subclassifications for comprehensive reports. This may be related to employees, employee groups,  departments etc.
  • It provides the facilities to create user-defined Earnings and Deductions Pay Heads
  • It allows flexible and user-definable criteria for simple or complex calculations.
  • It allows unlimited grouping of Payroll Masters.
  • It supports user defined production units.
  • It provides a flexible payroll processing period.
  • It provides complete cost centre as well as employee-wise costing reports.
  • It ensures an accurate and timely Salary processing, Employee Statutory Deductions and Employer Statutory Contributions with the help of predefined processes
  • It provides auto-fill facility to promote the Attendance, Payroll & Employer's Contribution processes.
  • It facilitates an accurate estimation and deduction of Income Tax, ESI, EPF, NPS, Professional Tax, Gratuity etc.
  • It helps in the generation of Statutory forms and challans for Income Tax, EPF & ESI, as advice.
  •  It facilitates computation of arrears pertaining to prior period.
  •  It helps in tracking employee loan details.
  • Students who are willing to learn accounting can join Tally training in Chandigarh

Five easy steps to Generate a payslip of Tally Training in Chandigarh

The new enhance payroll in Tally.ERP 9 requires minimal effort for accurate slary processing. It takes five easy steps to process payroll. Steps are:-
  1. Create Employee Master.
  2. Create Payroll Master
  3. Create pay Heads
  4. Create salary Details
  5. Process Payroll and generate pay slip

Tally Training in Chandigarh Sector 34 a

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Motives of Holding inventories

Motives of Holding inventories : Tally Training in Chandigarh

Motive of Holding Inventory

Today we will discuss about motives of holding inventories with Tally Training in Chandigarh

The motives of holding inventories are as follows:

  1. Inventories Motives : Every firm has to maintain some level of inventory to meet the day to day requirements of sales, production process, customer demand etc. This motive makes the firm to keep the inventory of finished goods as well as raw materials. The inventory level will provide smoothness to the operations of the firm. A business firm exists for business transactions which require stocks of goods and raw materials.
  2. Precautionary Motive: A firm should keep some inventory for unforeseen circumstances also. For Example, the fresh supply of raw material Could not able to reach the factory because of strike by the transporters or due to natural calamities in a particular area. There may be labour problem in the factory and the production process may halt. So, the firm must have inventories of raw materials as well as finished goods for meeting such emergencies.
  3. Speculative Motive: The firm may be tempted to keep some inventory in order to capitalize an opportunity to make profit e,g, sufficient level of inventory may help the firm to earn extra profit in case of expected shortage in the market.

Types of Inventory

There are various types of inventory which are as follows :

  1. Movement Inventories: Movement Inventories are also called transit or  pipeline inventories. Their existence owes to the fact that transportation time is provided in transferring sustainable amounts of resources. For example : when coal is transported from the coalfields to an industrial town by trains, then the coal, while in the transit, cannot provide any service to the customers for power generation or for burning in furnaces.
  2. Buffer inventories : Buffer inventories are held to protect against the uncertainties of demand and supply. An organization basically known about the average demand for different items which is indeed. However, the actual demand may not exactly match the average and could well exceed it.Similarly, the average delivery time ( That is, the time elapsing between placing an order and  In Buffer inventories are having the goods which is in stock that is ready for use, and technically called as the lead time) may be known. But unpredictable event could cause the actual delivery time to be more than the average during the time for which the delivery is delayed. These inventories which are in excess of those necessary just to meet the average demand ( during the average lead time period), held for protecting against the fluctuations in demand and lead-time are known also by the term safety stocks.
  3. Anticipation Inventories: Anticipation Inventories are held for the reason that a future demand. For the product is anticipated production of specialized times like crackers well before Diwali, umbrellas and raincoats before rains set in, Fans while summers are approaching, Or we can say pilling up of inventory stocks when a strile is on the anvil are all examples of anticipation inventories.
  4. Decoupling inventories : The idea of the decoupling inventories is to decouple, disengage, differents parts of production system. As we observe easily, different machines/ equipment and people normally work at different rates: some slower and some faster. A machine, for example,might be producing half the output

Tally training in Chandigarh

CBitss Technologies provide best tally training in Chandigarh. It is best IT and Management training institute in Chandigarh. We will update more article on tally keep reading.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Learn Inventory Management with Tally training in Chandigarh

Tally Training In Chandigarh : Let’s Become aware of inventory Management

Tally training in Chandigarh

Today, we will discuss about Inventory management with Tally Training in Chandigarh

Inventory Management : The dictionary meaning of inventory is ‘stock of goods’. The word Inventory is understood Differently by various authors. In accounting language it may mean stock of finished goods only. In a manufacturing concern, it may include raw material work in process and stores, etc.

International Accounting Standard Committee (I.A.SC) defines inventories as “ tangible property”.

  1. Held for sale in the ordinary course of business.
  2. In the process of production of such sale or,
  3. To be consumed in the process of production of goods or services for sale”

The American Institute of certified Public accountant (AICPA) defines “ inventory in the sense of tangible goods, which are held for sale, in process of production and available for ready consumption”.

According to Bolten S.E., “Inventory refers to stock-pile of product, a firm is offering for sale and components that make up the product”

Elements of Inventory

Inventory includes the many things one of it is :

  1. Raw Material : It includes direct material used in the manufacture of a product. The purpose of holding raw material is to ensure uninterrupted production in the event of delaying delivery. The amount of raw material will depends upon the various factors such as speed. Raw materials are to be ordered and procured and uncertainty in the supply of these raw material

I. Direct Material : Direct Material is the primary classification for raw materials in manufacturing operations. It is directly related to the final product. It is only the material that, after manufacturing processes are applied, ships out to a distributor or the final customer. If, e.g., Company manufacture hammers, than steel would be its primary direct material.

II. Indirect Material : Indirect Material is the class of materials in the manufacturing process that does not actually ship to the customer as part of the final product. For example, the gas used to heat the furnaces that melt the steel in the manufacturing of hammers, in an indirect material. Similarly, the water that cools the metal is also an indirect material

2. Work In progress : It includes partly finished goods and materials held between manufacturing stages. It can be also be stated that those raw materials which are used in production process but are not finally converted into final product are work-in-progress.

3. Consumables : These are the products with consumers can buy  Consumables are products that consumers buy continuous i.e, items which “get used-up” or  discarded
For example : Consumables are products that consumers buy recurrently, i.e. items which “get used-up” or discarded. For example Consumable office supplies are such products as paper, pens, file, folders, post it notes, computer disks, and tomer or ink cartridges. Not included capital goods such as computers, fax machines, and other business machines or office furniture.

4. Finished Goods: The goals ready for sale of distribution comes under this class. It helps to reduce the risk associated with stoppage in output on account of strikes, breakdowns, shortage of material, etc.

5. Stores and Spares : This category includes those products, which are accessories to the main products produced for the purpose of sale. For example, stores and spares items are bolts,nuts,clamps, screws, etc. These spare parts are usually bought from outside or sometimes they are manufactured in the company also.

Inventory Management System

Tally training in Chandigarh provided by CBitss Technologies and It is ISO Certified fast growing training institute in Chandigarh. It provide productive and quality assurance education and training at a very reasonable cost. It provide very good opportunity for the student placements to their successful participants. It is one of the best and optimum institute in Chandigarh. It is used in many industries today- manufacturing, retail, banking, airlines, telecom etc.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

steps to create a company in Tally

Steps for creating a company with Tally Training in Chandigarh

First thing in making a company in Tally ERP9. The first and very essential thing you have to keep in mind that how to create the company in Tally software. Every user can create multiple businesses in Tally ERP9 software in single cost. Tally training in Chandigarh will teach you the most essential step for cas its is the foremost step which have to be known before going to Next step. User can run tally ERP9 in easy manner with the help of features, PAYROLL process and many other features.

Quick guide for Creating a company in Tally :

  1. Double click on Tally ERP 9 icon open the Tally Software.
  2. If the user is going to use the tally first time then the user will land on the page called company info menu.
  3. Select the create company option  in the Tally ERP9 Software menu.
  4. The screen displayed in front of you is the screen of company creation.
  5. Type all the necessary information for the company details like company name, financial year,address and all other details asked by the creation screen.
  6. Press Enter key, the confirmation process will be held to save, YES or NO.
  7. Now save the company information and do press Enter Key and then press the yes option. The program will create a company and user will easily entered into it.

Now, Let’s start from very beginning.

Step 1: If user is using the tally ERP-9 for the first time. We have the screen  below which we are going to see when we open the tally ERP9.

Tally training in Chandigarh

Step 2: You are in the company info menu. To do that select create company from the menu and Hit Enter Key.

Company Info

Step 3: Company creation screen will be easily displayed.

Company Creation

You should enter all the details of the company. Let us explain each section separately.In this company creation screen.
Directory:-  Directory is the place where tally store all data you entered in tally ERP9. By default the data storage will be inside the installation folder. It’s meaning is  the data storage location , This You can change it at your desired location by typing it manually. For example D:/Tally data

Here are a couple of hand-picked articles to help you to learn more about data management in Tally ERP9.

  • Data management in Tally ERP9
  • How to backup tally data?
  • How to restore tally backup?

Name: Type the name of the company in this field , for Example. ABC LTD
Address: This is the place where we can enter the address of the company.
Country :  Select the country from the list in which your business exist.
State : Select the state in which you  want to comply statute.
Pincode: Pincode of the location where your company office exists.
Telephone: Enter telephone number
Mobile No: Enter mobile number
Fax No : Fax No if exists.
Email: Enter your official communication mail id
Website: Enter website address if exists.

How CBitss will help you to become efficient in Tally Training in Chandigarh

We are the renowned Tally Training in Chandigarh offering courses on basis of the Tally ERP9 software.We concentrate on Tally Course in Chandigarh because, Tally is the No.1 Accounting Software in India. For Individuals Learning Tally Courses in Chandigarh can create a good income earning career.